5 Activities for Fun Parents and Thier Kids-Using Supplies You Already Have in Your Kitchen!


Make Beautiful Potions using just water, shaving cream, and food coloring! Make sure you have some clear glasses or Tupperware, and you can use spoons or straws for mixing and stirring! Add water to a glass, put the shaving cream on top, be sure to let the children choose their colors, and watch them go to work!


All you need for this amazing sensory experience is corn starch & water (food coloring optional)! This is a great one for babies (because it’s edible) as well as toddlers and older children. Simply take a large container and let your child dump the cornstarch and add water until you get to a good consistency. Add any toys, spoons, or anything else you feel may be a good addition to the experience, and prepare yourself for some gooey fun!


This is so very simple, all while being scientific and beautiful in nature. Simply freeze ice in a container overnight and let your little get to work the next morning dripping food coloring or paint, warm water, and rubbing salt onto the ice. You can use spoons, paint brushes, a pipette, or anything else you think will work well. Voila! You have yourself a very entertained child who is also engaged in sensory exploration and learning!


This one is such a big hit with my kiddos, and all you need to make it happen is food coloring, baking soda, lemons, and paper! First cut up the lemon and spread the baking soda onto the paper, drop the food coloring onto the lemons, let your little one squeeze away and watch the science magic happen!


For this last one all you need is a container, some Milk, food coloring, cotton balls (and/or q-tips), dish soap, and paper (optional). Fill your container with milk, let you little one drip the food coloring into the milk, saturate the cotton ball in the dish soap and drop it in the milk near the droplets of food coloring, and watch it go! The food coloring moves smoothly through the milk, and when you’re finished playing you can make a beautiful print!